Toys. Crafts. Snacks. Stories. What more can we say.

Toddlers is on every Wednesday morning during term time. It starts at 10am and it’s free. Parents/Grandparents or Carers are welcome to bring any children or babies aged 0-3.

Each week there is a theme and the craft, snack and story will all be part of the theme.
A usual morning looks like: open play before craft time, then a story, quickly followed by a snack and drink. More play time finishes off the morning.

There are often sensory and messy play areas and when the weather is good, ride-ons and a slide outside.

We hope that Toddlers will provide a great opportunity for you to get to know others with young children, make some new friends, and find out about the church and Christian faith.

We look forward to meeting you.