What we believe

At Hardwick Baptist Church our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ in Hardwick and beyond.

We believe the God made in His image and that He loves us. But, all of have chosen to rebel against Him. We choose to live our lives without reference to Him. We fail to worship or thank Him as he deserves.

As a result we are unable to know Him. We are His enemies rather than His friends, and as a result we face the just punishment for our rebellion, eternity away from God and all His goodness. We can do nothing to fix this ourselves.

But, God loves us so much that He sent His Son to rescue us. The Son of God came to earth as a man, Jesus Christ, lived a perfect life, and died on a cross to pay the price for our rebellion. He didn’t stay dead though, He rose again defeating death.

All those who will repent of their rebellion and trust in Jesus alone, will receive forgiveness and the promise of eternal life with God.

This is the message that we proclaim every Sunday. You are very welcome to come and hear it.

The core truths of the Christian faith are sometimes summarised in a more formal way, in a basis of faith. If you would like to read our basis of faith click here.